Amelia Jade Glister

Ruby Red Cunningham

Ryan Terrence Hall

Marta Monika Kwasniewska

Jamie Simms

Ivan Nedanovski

Junior Business Manager/Sales Coordinator

EDArcade Development Manager and Illustrator

National Sales Manager

Supervising Animator

Game Developer and Concept Artist

Game Developer and Programmer

Favourite EDArcade Game:

Magically Qwerty

Favourite EDArcade Game:


Favourite EDArcade Game:

Fraction Tanks

Favourite EDArcade Game:

Maze of Life

Favourite EDArcade Game:

MsMcGregor's Garden

Favourite EDArcade Game:

MsMcGregor's Garden


What is EDArcade?

EDArcade has been developed to allow Primary School pupils all over the world to learn core and tough to teach topics through exciting and unique game-based learning.
Our primary focus is for students to learn and increase their engagement through a gaming platform.

Our Core Beliefs

Our Games

Get your classroom involved!

Come check out our Instagram for the latest updates in all things EDArcade. It doesn't matter if you don't have a subscription to us! Our social media accounts are completely suitable for all ages, and we welcome students, teachers and parents alike getting involved with our community.

On our Social Media we offer:

  • Classroom contests and competitions
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content about how our games are made
  • Ms McGregor characters AMA's (Ask me Anythings')
  • Coverage of events, holidays and more
  • Footage of us on the road showcasing our games
  • Playthroughs and demonstrations
  • Freebies
  • Sneak Peaks at our new games
  • And of course, Rosie our Office dog!

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