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Being Part of a Community

Being Part of a Community

We have games that cater to teaching students about how their behaviour can affect both those around them and themselves. With such topics as knowing right from wrong, knowing how we should speak to others, and keeping ourselves happy in our relationships, our games support students who may find it difficult to integrate with a group or their peers.


Balloon Burst Title

Balloon Burst

The aim of Balloon Burst is to get the balloons safely from one side of the screen to the other. Pupils are asked questions about their personal wellbeing, bullying, mental health and relationships.

For each question answered correctly, the pupil can push the balloon higher from the ground. This will sharpen their hand-eye coordination and ability to independently care and think about themselves and their emotions.

Maze of Life

In this game, players must navigate through mazes and collect coins as they do so. Often, they will encounter doors, which will only open when a question is answered correctly. The questions in this game revolve around manners and behaviour, and is a perfect game to introduce KS1 pupils to manners, and refine the understanding of manners for KS2 students and beyond.

The Wisdom Tree

Pupils are given words, acts and feelings on screen, and must answer if what they see is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. These questions are prompted by the wind blowing leaves into the player's path- if they do not responsibly clean them up, more questions will be asked of them, teaching them responsibility and wellbeing.


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