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Being Safe in Society

Being Safe in Society

We offer a wide range of games that act as a safe space for students to make independent decisions that relate to being safe in society. Our games handle topics such as street smarts, stranger danger and social media.


Beer Dodge Title

Beer Dodge

A great game to encourage pupils to look after their bodies, even in a high energy environment or when exposed to peer pressure. The player must avoid alcohol bottles and collect healthy food. Questions are asked, relating to alcohol, and what to do if a friend is responding badly to drink.

Knock Knock

A brilliant game for teaching independence to children to may be, or are soon to be left at home alone. The parent figure will tell the player who is expected to be at the door. The player must then follow the procedure of using the doors lock-and-chain to check the identity of the visitor. They must then make the decision to let the person in, or keep the door closed. 

Playful Peels

This game challenges the tricky and highly relevant topic of sexting. The pupil must collect items around the maze while encountering other types of fruit and veg. When they encounter one, they must answer a question regarding sexting and the distribution of images online. The more the player gets incorrect, the more the skin of their fruit will peel. 

Social Mayhem

The pupil is faced with a number of daunting yet realistic life situations regarding interactions with other people. The pupil must navigate their character to the door that represents their response. After each round, the correct answer will be revealed, with an explanation as to why it is correct. This game is well applied to pupils who may have just received their first smartphone or computer.


Players are sent friend requests from different mythical web users. It is up to them to decide whether the requests are safe or too risky to accept. This game is excellent preparation for students who may have or want accounts on popular social media platforms.

Stranger Danger

This game teaches players the potential dangers of being out alone, and what people can be trusted. The player will be offered lifts from various people, and they must use their initiative to decide whether they accept the lift or not. 



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