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British Values Games

British Values Games

British Icons

The player will play as a dog of their choice, and chase down various different icons. These, for example, include Beatrice Potter, The Angel of the North and the famous Black Cab. This game is particularly suited to pupils who have recently transferred to a UK school, or who may show signs of disengagement or withdrawal.

British Inventions

This game works well in conjunction with the British Icons game and uses the same gameplay mechanics to teach pupils about famous British inventions. To aid the retention of this information, the player must then, after each round, match the picture of the invention up with the name.


Crime or Not

One at a time, the player will be given the names of certain types of behaviour or crimes; these are taken from a pool of over 100 acts that cover a range of topics. Some of these include ‘Shoplifting, Spitting, Drug Possession and Littering’. The player must then use their own intuition to decide if the given act is a crime or not.

Define a Crime

Dealing with similar issues as Crime or Not, this game tasks the pupil to match the crime up with its definition. The difficulty can be set to easy, medium or hard, and the game will also time the session of the pupil, letting teachers get an insight into how long it takes them to complete.

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