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Topic: Phonics

Time to get out your old letter blocks. This is a simple spelling and phonics-based game that will test your language skills. Using your letter blocks you will need to correctly name as many objects as possible before you run out of time

Topic: Spellings 

Test your English skills in this interactive comic book game. In this particular comic the words for the pictures are spelt wrong. As the editor, your job is to select the right spellings for the corresponding pictures.

Topic: Sentence Structure 

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new game show... Cat’s Phrase. Join Tommy Tomcat for a night where anyone can be a winner. In this game show, Tommy will give you a sentence where he has left out every alternate word. All you need to do is fill in the blanks from a list of possible answers.

Topic: English

Welcome to the Food Factory; the first factory of its kind to use artificial intelligence. We take pride in making the finest cuisine in the land. Unfortunately, the machines have a tendency to break. As our new employee, you need to make sure ingredients go in the cooker and broken machine parts go in the furnace. No one wants a rivet burger after all!

Topic: Nonsense Words

It’s time to join the crew of an Atlantic fishing trawler. In these waters, you’ll be trying to catch one type of linguistic fish, the real word fish. There is another type known as the nonsense fish which you will need to throw back into the sea. Your job as a crew member is to sort the fish you catch. Be wary of junk floating in the sea and keep your eye out for any treasure you may find. Prepare yourself for some frantic fishing!

Topic: Grammar 

Welcome to the articulate artillery. Your job is to fix linguistic problems using nothing more than your brain and a fifty-pound grammar cannon. You need to modify rotten sentences by blowing away the incorrect grammar and replacing it with the correct amendments. Good luck!

Topic: Spelling

In this game, you are a bee. You are not just any bee, you're a spelling bee. You collect pollen from the spelling sunflower. As a worker bee, you need to avoid misspelt sunflowers and collect the pollen from the correctly spelt ones. This is important as you don't want pollen that is going to make substandard honey. The better the pollen, the yummier the honey

Topic: Spelling

You need to defend your castle walls against the goblin hoards who want to steal your gold. Choose a wizard to protect the walls from the warty invaders. You need to type out spells correctly and as quickly as possible to defeat the enemies. Stop as many as you can before you are overwhelmed. Let the light conquer over darkness. 

Topic: Prefixes

Prefixing is an English language based game. Your task is a simple one. Match prefixes to their counterpart words to build complete words. Create as many full words as possible before you run out of time. A prefix is a string of letters that are added to the beginning of a word, changing its meaning.

Topic: Spelling 

Uh Oh, all of our letters have sunk to the bottom of the ocean! Use the speedboat to sail to the right side of the screen, then climb up the rocks to get the diving gear! Now you're ready to dive. Collect each letter from the seabed, avoiding the dangerous creatures! Spell the word by collecting the letters in the correct order.

Topic: Slang

Shoot the slang out of the air with its correct meaning! Use the mouse to select the correct meaning on the left of the screen, and use the arrow keys to aim. Try playing this game with a friend! One of you on the mouse and one of you on the keyboard!

Topic: Spelling

Invented by Dr Lang, the Spell-o-Rama is the latest in linguistic innovations. Use the machine to physically build words correctly. The sentence manufacturers are always in need of words for their construction teams, so get building

Topic: Spelling 

Dr Lang has been busy building more linguistic inventions. His latest is the Spell-o-vision, a machine designed to quicken your mind and language skills. As a willing test subject, you get to try it out. Your aim is to correctly type out what the television is showing you. Try and do this for as many images as possible within the time limit. 

Topic: Spelling

The work is never done for a busy spelling bee. You collect pollen from the spelling sunflowers. In this game, there are four spelling sunflowers with different words in them and only one is spelt correctly. As a spelling bee, you need to collect the pollen from the right sunflower each time. This is important as you don't want pollen that is going to make substandard honey

Topic: Nouns

Take to the waters to catch yourself a whopper! Catch yourself a range of different fish such as the 'Noun Trout' or the 'Vowel Cod'. But beware of danger lurking in the waters like sharks and sea mines

Topic: Suffixes

Suffix It is an English language-based game. Your task is a simple one... match suffixes to their counterpart words to build complete words. Create as many full words as possible before you run out of time!

Topic: Word Identification 

Test your English skills again in this interactive comic book game. In this edition, there has been a mix up with the pictures and words. The words do not have the correct pictures attached to them. As the editor, your job is to select the right pictures that correspond to the correct words.

Topic: Spelling

In this mysterious mountain range, crossing rivers is done quite differently. You need to ford the dangerous mountain rivers by spelling out the bridges. Spell them correctly or you might end up floating downriver

Topic: Word Construction

Word Drop is a word-based building game. Your aim is to create full words using letter blocks that will be falling thick and fast. Make words to gain points and clear rows to make room for more letters. Create as many words as possible within the given time limit and be careful not to let the blocks reach to the top of the game grid.