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Teachers have the ability to place their own questions and quizzes to many of our games, to re-affirm learning, create different plenary and homework approaches. Teachers can also set pathways of learning for their students to follow, complete with deadlines and feedback. Our games can be sorted by topic, making it easier for you to tailor make subject-specific pathways that work in conjunction with your classroom learning.



When entering the details of a student, they can be assigned details such as their lesson sets, their special education needs, their exclusion status, and their target grades, helping you assign pathways to certain students depending on their circumstances.

Pathways can help support and catch up students in the classroom who may have been absent for a period of time, or have gaps in their learning for a certain topic.


Tracking and Progress Reports:

Identifying gaps of knowledge is made easy with our automatically generated reports. In all of our games that have this feature enabled, you get an exclusive insight into the performance of the student in all of the games they play. Every game also comes complete with a scoring system, letting students compare their scores with one another and upload them to the class leaderboards.


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Come check out our Instagram for the latest updates in all things EDArcade. It doesn't matter if you don't have a subscription to us! Our social media accounts are completely suitable for all ages, and we welcome students, teachers and parents alike getting involved with our community.

On our Social Media we offer:

  • Classroom contests and competitions
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content about how our games are made
  • Ms McGregor characters AMA's (Ask me Anythings')
  • Coverage of events, holidays and more
  • Footage of us on the road showcasing our games
  • Playthroughs and demo's
  • Freebies
  • Sneak Peaks at our new games
  • And of course, Rosie our Office dog! 

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