Game Based Learning

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Game-Based Learning is the process of integrating teaching with games. By doing this, we can simulate a real-life situation in a safe, digital space for the players to experiment and learn in. This is especially useful when teaching PSHE topics.

Game-Based Learning engages all young people, enabling all abilities to join in and make progress, and can particularly reach out to students who may be disengaged, have SEN needs or require mental health support (eg. with their self-confidence or behavior). By using characters that relate to people they may know or want to be, students can easily work up a relationship with the games they play and associate their learning with visual, audio and kinetic cues.

Games can often get a negative press for their addictive nature, but the games we offer have one thing that drives them: The progression and learning of the student. Our games are easy to play, widely compatible, have no microtransactions and all relate to curriculum-set topics.

What benefits can EDArcade bring to you?

Game-Based-Learning can bring a whole new world of learning and engagement to your classroom. The benefits include:

  • Build a bridge between you and your students
  • Deliver learning in a new and exciting way
  • Build on the keyboard skills and hand-eye coordination of your students
  • Encourage conversation, debate and play in the classroom
  • Help support students in a digital environment they are comfortable with
  • Teach students to be competitive by comparing their game scores
  • Students relating to and following the behavior of inspirational virtual characters
  • Encouraging creativity and 'out-of-the-box' thinking
  • Have students play games solo, and encourage their independent thinking
  • Empower students to take on wacky roles, characters, and scenarios 
  • Heighten students puzzle-solving skills

How is EDArcade different?

EDArcade sets itself beyond other Game-Based-Learning packages in many ways, especially with what we offer on the teacher side of the package. 

  • No microtransactions or in-game exchanges of money
  • Tracking and Progress on the teacher side, making identifying areas of strengths and weakness simple
  • The ability to register, track and assign variables to students, such as grade targets and additional learning requirements
  • Over 100 educational games spanning topics across the board; English, Maths, Science, PSHE, E-Safety, Mental health and more!
  • Versatile web-based games built for usage with both keyboard and mouse
  • Insight into the playtime of the student
  • Homework setting and pathway creation
  • The cast of interesting and relatable characters for students to engage with and watch
  • Over 20 educational videos, beautifully animated and voice-acted by a range of characters
  • Extended focus on Tough-To-Teach topics, such as Alcohol Awareness, Disability Awareness, Inappropriate Touching and Puberty