What is EDArcade

EDArcade is an educational games package that has been developed to allow Primary School pupils all over the world to learn core and tough to teach topics through exciting and unique game-based learning. Our primary focus is for students to learn and increase their engagement through our game-based-learning platform.

We offer games centered around the following topics:
- Resilience
- Entrepreneurship
- E-Safety
- British Values
- Prevent
- Modern Foreign Languages
- Maths
- English
- Science
- Recycling

EDArcade Philosophy

Proven Learning Approaches and Techniques
Teaching is one of the most challenging and complex careers on the planet. EDArcade’s digital resources, tools, games and learning materials are developed by educational experts to incorporate leading pedagogical practices. They cover all different teaching situations and cover national curriculum standards.

Empowered Educators
From school teachers and tutors to homeschooled students and parents, engaged adults are the key to unlocking each child’s potential and drive to learn. EDArcade empowers all kinds of educators to learn students by providing the best educational resources to be used at home, school or anywhere in between.

Unique Experiences
There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in education as each student faces unique challenges and goals. EDArcade celebrates the diversity of all our users by offering differentiated resources that can meet a wide range of educational and social needs. EDArcade helps students to gain confidence in learning.

Conscientious and supportive
EDArcade continues to provide academically sound content of the highest standard and welcomes input from our users as we address issues of equality, diversity, inclusivity, and representation. Since we know there are many different approaches to teaching and education, we develop our materials to complement these different philosophies across subjects, hard to teach subjects and grades.

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