Teachers and students will be given their log in details, to access different sides of the platform. Here are just a few ways EDArcade can benefit both your students and teachers:

Teacher Portal:

  • Monitor activity and performance of students
  • Modify games/quizzes to match classroom learning
  • Set pathways 
  • Manage and add new students 
  • Manage and add new members of staff 
  • View student reports 
  • View student logs 
  • View the strengths and weaknesses of each student




Students Portal:

  • Access to Games, EDVille and animated videos 
  • Complete pathways 
  • Can be used for extra-curricular activities 
  • Learn independently 
  • Share and play games with family and friends 
  • Complete work from home if absent from school




Whether students are using EDArcade in the classroom or at home, teachers can utilize this tool to support classroom learning, golden time, homework, extra-curricular activities and support disengaged students with the simple click of a button. 


What is a Game Pathway?

A pathway is a regime of games that can be customized in length, order and lesson aims. They can be given a deadline and used as homework or as a long-term classwork plan.





Games Library

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As we design school packages bespoke to each individual school, our prices may vary depending on what package you are interested in. To enquire about purchasing EDArcade for your school, please get contact us today!