About EDArcade?

What is EDArcade?

EDArcade is an online gaming platform (From EDCLass Ltd) designed to support the educational needs of primary school children and SEN students of all ages. Our library features 120+ games covering core subjects such as Maths, English and Science as tough-to-teach topics, all built around the National Curriculum to support KS1 & KS2, our virtual ‘Sims’ style world EDVille and short, animated PSHE videos.

We currently support 23 different languages, including Makaton, to provide ESOL/EAL students with the support they deserve and of course, we understand that each child learns in their own way, which is why all of our game instructions are available in visual and audio formats, dyslexia fonts available. 

Teachers and students will be given log in details, to access different sides of the platform. Here are just a few ways EDArcade can benefit both your students and teachers:

The teacher portal enable teachers to :

  • Set pathways for learning to deliver
    • class room work
    • at home for homework
    • homeschooling
    • additional work
    • catch up topics and subjects
    • fun challenges for pupils
    • differentiate learning
    • break out lessons
    • plenaries
    • indpendent study time
    • wet weather periods
  • Help deliver topics in 
    • English
    • Matsh
    • Science
    • PSHE
    • Internet Safety
    • Bully and cyber bullying
    • Recycling and the environment

You can also:

  • Monitor activity and performance of students
  • Modify games/quizzes to match classroom learning
  • Manage and add new students
  • Manage and add new members of staff
  • View student reports
  • View student logs
  • View the strengths and weaknesses of each student

The students portal:

  • Access to Games, EDVille and animated videos
  • Complete learning pathways
  • Learn independently
  • Share and play games with family and friends
  • Remote Learning
  • Maths/English/Science Games that follow the National Curriculum
  • Makaton signs, symbols and sounds
  • 23 languages available in written and verbal communications


Our Core Beliefs

  • Connecting with students through game-based learning, an environment they are familiar with
  • Portraying memorable characters and games, allowing students to remember and relate their learning to visualise and kinetic cues.
  • Granting independence, confidence and mental wellbeing to students through independent game-based learning.
  • Focusing on tough-to-teach and politically relevant topics as well as maintaining core subjects.
  • Listening to the need of both students and teachers alike.

 Here is all the content, games and resources available:. 

Click the flags to view the modern foreign languages avaialble for children to learn within the platform.


Pricing Structure from 1st September 2020


Individual Subscription: £10.95 per licence (3p per day)


School Licence

Number of Licences 1 Year Subscription 3 Year Subscription (Special Offer)
0-250 £6.00 per licence (1.64p per day) £17.10  per licence (5% discount) (1.56p per day)
251-500 £4.75 per licence (1.3p per day) £13.53 per licence (5% discount) (1.23p per day)
501-750 £4.50 per licence (1.23p per day) £12.84 per licence (5% discount) (1.17p per day)
750-1000 £4.00 per licence (1.09p per day) £11.40 per licence (5% discount) (1.04p per day)