What is EDArcade?

EDArcade is a game based learning and gamification platform designed to support the educational needs of primary school children and SEN students of all ages. Our library features 100+ games covering core subjects such as Maths, English and Science as tough-to-teach topics, all built around the National Curriculum to support KS1 & KS2, our virtual ‘Sims’ style world EDVille and short, animated PSHE videos.

We currently support 23 different languages, including Makaton, to provide ESOL/EAL students with the support they deserve and of course, we understand that each child learns in their own way, which is why all of our game instructions are available in visual and audio formats, dyslexia fonts available.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Connecting with students through game-based learning, an environment they are familiar with
  • Portraying memorable characters and games, allowing students to remember and relate their learning to visualise and kinetic cues.
  • Granting independence, confidence and mental wellbeing to students through independent game-based learning.
  • Focusing on tough-to-teach and politically relevant topics as well as maintaining core subjects.
  • Listening to the need of both students and teachers alike.

 Here is all the content, games and resources available:. 

Click the flags to view the modern foreign languages avaialble for children to learn within the platform.



Pricing Structure from 1st September 2020

Individual Subscription: £10.95 per licecse

School Licence

Number of Licenses 1 Year Subscription 3 Year Subscription (Special Offer)
0-250 £6.00 per licence £17.10  per licence (5% discount) plus 2 HD fire tablets
251-500 £4.75 per licence £13.53 per licence (5% discount) plus 5 HD fire tablets
501-750 £4.50 per licence £12.84 per licence (5% discount) plus 7 HD fire tablets
750-1000 £4.00 per licence £11.40 per licence (5% discount) plus 8-10 HD fire tablets




EDVille is our online virtual world where children can learn and grow as they develop both their academic and important life skills such as:

  • Road Safety & how to cross a road 
  • The importance of Recycling 
  • Why water can be dangerous 
  • The dangers of electricity
  • How too manage money - Make sure you don't run out!
  • Responsibility of looking after animals 
  • Learn new languages 

We also have a range of short animated videos scattered around EDVille that explain tough-to-teach topics in a way that children are familiar comfortable with, such as disability and healthy lifestyle. An example of these can be found here.

All of our 120+ mini-games are placed within an object in EDVille for a child to find... the more games the child plays, the more badges they can unlock. Badges unlock different items within the game such as characters, vehicles, plants and animals so it means that the world is super personalised to them!

This is EDVille in EDArcade. You must visit EDVille where there is so much to do. Pupils create their own allotment. Meet Rosie the dog (our mascot). Look after your chickens, alpaca and do your daily chores.
Pupils constantly learn within EDVille with Makaton and 23 languages available. Select the topic you want to learn to enhance your language skills. Go to the market place in EDVille to sell your produce that you have grown and created.
Sell produce and earn credits and an allowance to get a better virtual world. Pupils can buy and sell things in their world. This relates to how well their learning is going. Recycle and sort all the waste created in EDVille.
Pupils can clean up the beach in EDVille too.  The more cleaning, the more recycling. Pupils meet new people and have new experiences Teach the pupils about road, sea, open water and rail safety.
There are many quizzes and games to test and teach the pupils about road, rail, sea and water dangers, laws and rules. Learn Maths with Percy whilst fishing for Mackeral. Become a wizard in EDVille and fire spells on key words that match the national curriculum.
Learn to spell in the Garden Race camels in the dunes with Josh. Navigate around the EDVille now!


No matter where you are from or where you are based in the world, EDArcade can provide you with a game-based learning platform that speaks your language! EDVille comes with hundreds of translations to increase your language vocabulary. These include common phrases and words you may use in day-to-day life - perfect for a penpal from a different country! All translations also with voice recording to help improve pronunciation. We currently support 20+ different languages including Makaton!

Here at EDArcade, we are all about supporting a good cause! Here is a list of charities we currently support and how you can get involved!

The Bradley Lowery Foundation

The Bradley Lowery Foundation was established in August 2017 after six-year-old Bradley Lowery lost his fight to Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma.

This is a highly aggressive and rare form of childhood cancer. His mum, Gemma, started a fundraising campaign to get Bradley treatment in the USA which was not available in the UK.The campaign raised £1.3 million and provided the funding base for the charity. Bradley Lowery Foundation will receive £1 for every EDArcade subscription. Use the code BRADLEY2021 when you order here.


Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Bluebell Wood cares for children and young adults both in their own home and at a hospice in North Anston, Sheffield whose lives are just too short.

They believe in creating magical memories for families, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.The charity requires £13,325 per day to keep doors open – and appreciates any form of fundraising. EDArcade will be donating £1 to Bluebell Wood to every £3 subscription. Use the promo code BLUEBELL21 when you place your order here.

If your club or organisation are looking to raise funds either for themselves or for a local charity, let us know.

We can create you a promotion code to help members get an education and raise funds. From a EDArcade subscription, £1 will be paid to your club or chosen charity.

To find out more contact us today.